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From up above America looks wondrous. Blue skies and puffy clouds and farmlands, waterways and mountains as far as the eyes can see; communities big and small, great accumulations of buildings followed by huge areas of nothing but beautiful earth in all her magnificent colors, undulations and expressions. Continue reading

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Fermented Grain, Foods and Beverages

Natural, wild yeasts are excellent sources of lysine, riboflavin, niacin and thiamin, and other amino acids and vitamins. Further, the growing yeasts reduce the phytate concentration in the grain, improving their digestibility. Continue reading

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Red Clover is NOT just for healthy women who want to conceive it is for ALL women who want to conceive.

A few years ago I got a letter in the mail from a woman in Israel. She used our fertility formula and conceived right away. There was still half a bottle left, so she sent it to her sister, who then got pregnant also. She was so happy to get two babies in the family from the one bottle! I love a happy customer. Continue reading

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The Way of the Wild Heart

Our wild hearts vibrate in tune with the endless, nourishing, rhythmic pulse of the earth, flow endlessly with the electromagnetic waves of her being. She is informing every beat of our hearts, every step and every breath. Our wild heart is our connection to all life on this planet that we call our home. Continue reading

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