About Gail Faith Edwards

Gail Faith Edwards is an internationally recognized Community Herbalist with more than thirty years experience providing herbal support to people from rural Maine to her remote village in the Apennine Mountains of Southern Italy, where she spends several months each year. She refers to her approach to working with herbs as The Way of the Wild Heart and helping others learn to connect with nature in an intimate, healing and reciprocal way is an essential theme of her work.

Gail is the founder of the Blessed Maine Herb Farm (established in 1977) where she and her family cultivate three acres of medicinal herbs and create their MOFGA Certified Organic herbal products. She is the Director of the Blessed Maine Herb Farm School of Herbal Medicine, an active on-site learning center and offers an 12 month long Herbal Medicine Correspondence Course attended by students from around the world.

Gail is the author of three books on herbal medicine, Opening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs, Traversing the Wild Terrain of Menopause and Through the Wild Heart of Mary.  Her collaborative book of prayers, Prayers for the Wild Heart Tribe, was published in April 2015.  One of her great joys is leading the annual 10 day Earth & Spirit Tour to Southern Italy, intended as a secure space where participants can come into meaningful contact with our common, ancient spiritual history, culture and inheritance.

Some of the places Gail has taught include the Sambhavana Clinic, Bhopal, India; The Gardens of Monte San Giacomo and the Garden of Minerva, Salerno, Italy; Private home, Gdansk, Poland; Yale School of Nursing; University of Maine and College of the Atlantic, among many others.

Gail is the mother of four home born, organically raised, fully grown children and the grandmother of four grandsons.

Through the Wild Heart of Mary

You’ll find the 12 month-long Body Systems Correspondence Course here.

The Earth, Heart & Spirit Tour to Southern Italy is hosted by Gail and family every spring. We stay in our ancestral village, hang with the locals, visit amazing archaeological sites, ancient shrines, caves, honor the Black Madonna, absorb indigenous Italic mountain culture through the people, landscape, gardens, mountains and many medicinal plants. The orchids will be in full bloom, and our meals are always a major highlight!  We’re now accepting reservation for the October 2016 trip.  The tour is limited to six participants. Visit the website for the complete itinerary.

Visit Gail in her Blessed Maine Herb gardens and take a walk with her to the healing spring in this five minute video portrait created by Lauren Shaw for Maine Women Living on the Land, a video and photographic documentary/exhibition. Watch the short film at the following link: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=458888188666

4 Responses to About Gail Faith Edwards

  1. Patience momoh says:

    how do I order the red clover blend for conception. Please reply me.

  2. Carine Holties says:

    Dear Gail,

    thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and expertise. It fills me with hope and gratitude.
    Just ‘ve read your piece on remedies against radiation, information of wich i’ll probably use for an assignment for Art College (make a personal, portable shelter). I wish you pure goodness and love, please continue!
    Hapy greetings from Carine Holties, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe

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