Our Lady of the Green – Reweaving Plant Wisdom, Medicine Stories and the Divine Feminine

I’m excited to invite you to join me for this 13 week course devoted to Great Mother.

Our Lady of the Green – Reweaving Plant Wisdom, Medicine Stories and the Divine Feminine presents a historical perspective on women’s spirituality, explore the roots of the Divine Feminine and devotion to Mary in the 21st century. We’ll also focus our study on the herbs and foods long associated with the Divine Feminine, Mary and the Mysteries of the Rosary.

Following is the entire 13 week class outline:

Week 1 – In the Beginning – The past is our heritage. It is our roots and our sustenance. Knowing the true story of our past brings us nourishment through the ages. This knowledge opens up doors to us, presents us with a myriad of new possibilities. It connects us to our ancestors. This nourishing connection gives us the courage and strength we need to act in the present. It brings us clarity of purpose. Our prehistoric ancestors of the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras.

Week 2 –The Land of Milk and Honey – From Fruitful Mother of the Clan to the destruction of Divine Ancestress and the end of the matrilineal clan system. The Goddess Religions – the theological structures and universal features spread over large geographical areas – female kinship, rites and customs and the subsequent social restructuring. She Who Holds the Reigns of Kings, ritual drama, the dying god or consort and the grieving priestess/mother.

Week 3 – Symbols of Sacred & Prophetic Powers – Serpent/wise counsel, Sacred trees/communion. From Adam & Eve to the Prince of Peace. The Cumaen Sybil. The Feminine Face of God is shining from our faces.

Week 4 – Finding Mary – The continuing evolution of the Goddess. “Mary has a lineage; it is more than the lineage of the House of David. All Neolithic Goddess roads lead to Mary.” Great Mother – Queen of Heaven – The Triple Goddess – Mother of God. The Protestant Reformation and subsequent “de-throning of Mary.”

Week 5 – Reclamation – Reclaiming a most important party of our Judeo-Christian heritage. The secret stories of plants, perceiving the wild heart of nature, gathering information directly from the Wild Heart of the Earth. Reading from the Book of Life. From the Songs of Solomon to the new physics. The transfer of ancient knowledge through association with plants. Acquiring true knowledge.

Week 6 – The Burning Times – Revisiting marea, strigae, lamiae and night spirits – witches and women shamanism. The Inquisition, Heinrich Kramer and The Malleus Maleficarium. The role of the local, secular tribunals, intellectuals, printed manuals and peasant participation. St. Joan of Arc.

Week 7 – The Mary Garden – The great body of wisdom accumulated through the ages regarding the wondrous earth goes underground. Gardens as devotional practice. Early Christian’s shamanic practices, the transference of ancient seasonal celebrations and local geographical goddesses into the evolving liturgical calendar. Queen of the May and the flowers/trees/shrubs long associated with the Feminine Divine. Planning and planting a Mary Garden.

Week 8 – The Angelic Psalter – The rosary is a string of beads used as an implement of prayer and meditation – it is a powerful tool for peace. Early history of prayer beads. Two simple and ancient prayers form the heart and soul of the rosary and their recitation leads us into the timeless sacred dance of our ancestors. How to Pray the Rosary – stepping into the mysteries of the Rosary as mythic ritual performance unfolding before our eyes. These mysteries contain the stories of our primeval theological truths, they are Medicine Stories. Prayer is a living tradition, praying for the earth community.

Week 9 – The Sacred Mystery Stories – Examining each of the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries and naming the traditional herbs, foods and medicines associated with each of them – The Sacred Wheel of Life.

Week 10 –Our Lady of the Green – Our Lady’s Florilegia – Teachings of the Herbs, Flowers and Trees of the Mysteries, Part 1 – The Joyful Mysteries – The Eastern quadrant of the wheel – Liliaceae and Lamiaceae plant families, Figs, poppies, chamomile – Hathor, Persephone, Demeter, Hera, St. Ann, Cybele, Ceres, Flora, Mary and the Assumption, the Eleusian Mysteries.

Week 11 – Teachings of the Herbs, Flowers and Trees of the Mysteries, Part 2 – The southern quadrant of the wheel – The Luminous Mysteries – Grains, grapes, fermented foods and beverages, Brassica family plants.

Week 12 – Teachings of the Herbs, Flowers and Trees of the Mysteries, Part 3 – The western quadrant of the wheel – The Sorrowful Mysteries – Olive, St. John’s wort, Aloe vera, Passionflower.

Week 13 – Teachings of the Herbs Flowers and Trees of the Mysteries, Part 4 – The northern quadrant of the wheel – The Rosaceae family of plants – Mary’s Emblem – Roses, hawthorn, apple, pear plum, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, seaweeds.

This 13 week webinar course is available as mp3 recordings of each 1 to 1 1/2 hour class. An extensive reading list is provided and suggested reading for individual classes is also offered as well as links to visual files that accompany each class.  Order any time, the information about how to access the course will be sent immediately and you can begin your exploration at your own pace.

Class fee is $150. This course promises to be life altering and soul nourishing. I welcome you to join us! Register at the link below.


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