Red Clover is NOT just for healthy women who want to conceive it is for ALL women who want to conceive.

I would like to tell you some fertility stories as my contribution to this month’s blog party on herbs for fertility. These are all true stories and they all happened within my personal realm over the past twenty five or so years.

Let’s start with my dental secretary. She and her husband were trying to have a kid for five years. They were on the brink of going to a fertility clinic in desperation. Her birthday came and a co-worker bought her a bottle of our Fertility Formula (red clover, red raspberry, wild grape leaves and tendrils) as a gift. Why not, she thought and began taking it as directed, 30 drops 3 times daily. Within the first cycle she was pregnant. I just met her gorgeous baby last week. Her smile was radiant.

A beautiful familiar lady comes stomping into my booth at Common Ground Fair trailing a happy looking man and five cute little kids about a head apart behind her. “Gail,” she announces loudly, “look what you did to me!” And she steps aside to show me her healthy, happy looking family. “A bunch of years ago I came to you for fertility issues. I’d been having a hard time getting pregnant; we had been trying for a few years. Well, whatever was in that bottle you gave me sure did open the floodgates!” She and her husband looked very pleased.

An older woman consulted with me regarding her son. He and his wife were having a problem conceiving. His sperm count was low. Did you know that just smelling the scent of roses makes sperm motility skyrocket? It’s true. He got American ginseng tincture, 30 drops daily, and a bottle of rose oil to use for massage and sex play with his wife. She got daily red clover infusions. Several months later the elder woman emailed me the happy news and the following year the whole family came to visit me. Nice people.

Many years ago a lady came to me, lots of long standing problems in the fertility department, long marriage, no children. Last year my grown daughter went to a party with her grown son. She’s still raving about how grateful she is to me! It wasn’t me, it was the red clover infusions she faithfully drank.

A few years ago I got a letter in the mail from a woman in Israel. She used our fertility formula and conceived right away. There was still half a bottle left, so she sent it to her sister, who then got pregnant also. She was so happy to get two babies in the family from the one bottle! I love a happy customer.

I cannot tell you how many women who I have advised to use red clover for conception have come into my booth at the Common Ground Fair over the years carrying a baby in a backpack or holding it in their arms and just want to introduce the baby to me and say thank you.

What do all of these women, and I am being totally honest when I tell you that I personally have experience with many dozens of them now, have in common? They all used a common little field herb to help balance their hormonal system to favor conception. Nothing fancy. No cyclic alterations, no balancing act, no hormonal measurements and best of all, no dependence on an “expert.” They simply made a quart of red clover infusions and drank 2-4 cups as directed or used the fertility formula mentioned above that contains red clover as a primary ingredient.

I’m a Community Herbalist. I am not a diagnostician and I do not practice medicine. Do I know what was preventing these women from conceiving and carrying a baby full term? No, I do not. I simply had faith in an herb widely know as “God’s Gift.” And I managed to convey that faith to others. I’m most proud of this fertility enhancing work I’ve done in the world. There is no joy like the joy in a new mother’s eyes. To know that I had just a tiny bit to do with that, via an herbal consultation and a bit of encouragement means the world to me.

So what are the herbs I favor for conception?

For the woman: Red clover because it consistently alters the body’s chemistry in favor of conception.

Red raspberry because it strengthens the uterus and brings health to the reproductive organs and favors conception.

Wild grape leaves and tendrils…because think of all the art you’ve ever seen where there are grape leaves depicted – they are always a symbol of vibrant life, health and vitality…and those tendrils add a magical grabbing on and holding pattern…

For the man: a few drops of essential oil of rose in a infused oil of rose, used for massage and sex play and American ginseng, long valued for its fertility enhancing abilities.

For both, – Prayer, calling out to and connecting with the soul of their unborn child, dietary changes as necessary.

Fertility Formula – fertility formula

red clover blossoms – red clover blossoms

About gailfaithedwards

Gail Faith Edwards is an internationally recognized Community Herbalist with over thirty years experience. She is the author of a number of books about herbs and has taught in India, Italy, Poland and Russia, at the Yale School of Nursing, the University of Maine and the College of the Atlantic, among others. She is the founder of Blessed Maine Herb Farm and Director of the Blessed Maine Herb Farm School of Herbal Medicine. She is the mother of four grown children and the grandmother of four grandsons. Gail leads sacred journeys and ancestral pilgrimages to Southern Italia twice a year.
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8 Responses to Red Clover is NOT just for healthy women who want to conceive it is for ALL women who want to conceive.

  1. mia says:

    My tubes are tied, I’m wanting a child, will red clover work for me?

  2. Susan Danuloff says:

    I would like to know more about your red clover infusions. Would it help a 49 with irregular cycles but monthly ovulation? How much is it? Is it tea? My problem is low estrogen and also I have this strange problem where I ovulate dominate follicles only. Doctors cannot explain it. I get very bad ovarian pain monthly but very few if any cycles.


    • Susan, we do not sell dried red clover blossoms…if you cannot pick and dry them yourself you can purchase from any number of herb suppliers. We do offer red clover tincture and also the Fertility Formula, both of which you’ll find on our website. Without doing a thorough intake on your current health and situation it would be inappropriate/unethical for me to suggest any herbs based on the little you’ve written here. If you would like to follow up with an in-depth herbal consultation, please visit my website for the information you need to get started. Blessings to you! Gail

  3. Jules says:

    How do I get this red clover infusion or the fertility formular to buy?

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